Turn plain text files into beautiful websites in a heartbeat. Section is perfect for creating blogs and documentation sites.


Section strives to make it easy to prepare your content to be published on the internet. You don’t have to fiddle with configuration files if you don’t want to. Section is all about concentrating on what’s important—your content.


Websites generated by Section are plain, but beautiful. The aesthetic side is fashioned in such a way as to complement your words. Wonder how a Section site looks like? You are reading one right now!


In another word, Section is open. You are granted the freedom to use, alter, customize and improve it. You have the possibility of growing it into something more magical, more robust, more fulfilling.

Getting started

Install Node.js if you don’t already have it, then in your terminal:

~ $ npm install -g section
~ $ mkdir -p mysite/content
~ $ cd mysite
mysite $ echo '#Hello World!' > content/
mysite $ section

Now if you point your browser at http://localhost:8000 you should see your newly created website and each time you change a file the website is regenerated automatically.

Section takes a directory of Markdown documents and generates a static website ready to be served on the web.


Keep connected to everything that’s happening at Section.


Section is open source software and user contributions play a vital role in the evolution of the project. Anyone interested is welcome and encouraged to get involved.


Section is a static site generator. Here you will find reference documentation for every aspect of Section.