Basic Usage

The section terminal command is made available upon installation which is used to generate and serve static websites.

The most common way is to execute the command without any options.

$ section

In this case a website will be generated into ./output from the current directory and served from http://localhost:8000. While the server is running changes made in this directory will cause the website to be regenerated and changes reflected to all connected clients.

Available options


Specify an alternate base directory. This will generate a site from a directory other than the current working directory.


The site will be generated from the current directory and into the specified output directory.


Specify a URL for your website. This will be made available to the layout template.


Specify a configuration file. This overrides the configuration file in the current directory if present.


Change the default port of 8000 for serving generated websites.


This will print all available options and subcommands.